Primeval is a science fiction television that started in 2007 .. It has been parodied many times on Harry Hill's TV burp.

seris six, episode fiveEdit

in seris six , episode five , Harry wonders what a robbery in a joke factory might look like . Many other charachters woner too . Harry suddenly remembers an episode of Pimeval . Ascence is shown from the second episode of Primeveal , in which Captain Ryan and his soilders are menaced by giant spiders .

Harry than reveals that this is primeveal . He says that Primeveal was invented because ITV was jealous of BBC's Doctor Who . Harry tells evereyone all about the plot of primeveal . Harry hears growling and goes to investigate .

While Harry is gone , a televised blooper which actually appeared on Primeval is shown . It shows a charachter called Abby holding a ddinasour called Rex , and due to bad filming techniques , Rex looks like a puppet . Harry is astonished about how bad the specail effects are . Than Harry reveals that the growling was a dinasour . Harry walks into the room holding a puppet of Rex . He asks Rex how he feels , but Rex spits in his eye . Harry calls Rex Spitty the Dinasour

seris six, episode sixEdit

In seris six , episode six , Harry says that ITV is making a new television show called Diving with crocs , and he has some clips from it . The clip he shows , parodies Dancing on Ice and Primeval . (Diving with crocs is not a real show).

seris six,episode sevenEdit

in seris six , episode seven , a boy finds a python in his toilet . The python is a parody of another python which appeared in the fourth episode of Primeval.

other primeval parodies in TV burpEdit

in another episode , Harry jokes that , due to budget cuts , Primeval cannot be parodied in the episode . Harry parodies many other TV shows in the episode , to make up for it.

In another episode , Harry makes up a show called Meat Police . Some clips from Meat Police are shown . Meat police paridies , Life on Mars , Doctor Who and Primeval .