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The Knitted Character is a fictional charcter in Harry Hill's TV Burp. He is a from Eastenders and has become a sidekick to Harry.

Real Life Adventures in T.V landEdit

Real Life Adventures in TV land is a comic strip by Harry Hill and Nigel Parkinson which appeares in childrens comic The Dandy . Knitted character appears in every Real Life Adventures In T.V Land strip . The comic also gives alot of information about knitted character including;

  • knitted character is friends with Jedward (The Dandy issue 3525)
  • he is a Doctor and suffers from amnesia (The Dandy issue 3527)
  • he is friends with his knitter but he doesn't know what kind of stitch he is . He also thinks of Harry as stupid and gullaible (The Dandy issue 3514)

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