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The Knitted Charecter

The Knitted Charecter (which the author of this page cannot spell correctly) is a recurring charecter in all series of the Harry Hill's TV Burp Show. In series 11, the Knitted Charecter was replace with Mr Fluffy but brought back at the series finale, where he brutally murdered Mr. Fluffy..

In the comic Harry Hill's Real-Life Adventures in TV-Land, he has a nephew called the Knotted Charecter (which the author of this page still cannot spell).

The K FactorEdit

In Series 10, the Knitted Charecter hosted the KKK Factor, a spoof of popular TV programme the X Factor.

The judges included Knitted Simon Cowell Klansman and Knitted Cheryl Cole Klanswoman, both from the X-Factor, Knitted Rolando Klansman, from Popstar to OprahWinfreystar, and the Knitted Charecter (nope, still can't spell it.). Interestingly on the Dancing on Ice episode the classic judges were replaced with Knitted Dancing on Ice judges.

The winner was Peter the Duck who had been kicked off initially. As in, he left and attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff, where he was stopped by Knitted Simon Cowell, who saved his life.