Wagbo is the hybrid lovechild of Mary Byrne and Wagner from X Factor. He is savage and dangerous. He will attack people by kissing or biting them or making a mess. He would often be seen grunting, growling and calling out "WAGBO!"


Week OneEdit

In the episode Week One, Wagbo was discovered, and displayed on TV Burp in a cage. However, Wagbo burst out of its cage. Harry and a man in a white labcoat chased it and Wagbo briefly terrified the audience. Wagbo dashed backstage, pursued by the man in a labcoat. Wagbo ran out the door .

But , this was not Wagbos last appearance . Wagbo has appeared in sketches parodying ;WWE , The X factor , Emmerdale , I'm a celebrity...Get me out of here  . Wagbo , at the height of his popularity , appeared in Harry hills childrens Comic Real Life adventures in TV land , in The Dandy issue 3514 . At the end of the first part of seris 10 , Wagbo attacks Harry , so Knitted charachter shoots him . In an episode in the second half of seris 10 , Wagbo tries to win Employee of the month. Harry tells him he cannot win, as he is no longer in the shows cast . Wagbo next appears in the final episode , where he becomes friends with Logbo , and they both join a band. LOL😋

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